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The Tikanoja Art Museum
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10 AM to 4 PM
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30 € / group (Tuesday-Friday)
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Acting Museum Director
Selma Green
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Head of  Exhibitions
Riina Peltonen
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Head of Collections
Auli Jämsänen
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Heli Alanne
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Lisbeth Knif
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Jenni Niemi
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Joona Ekroos
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Kukka-Maaria Kallio
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Manager of Museum Services
Salla Mällinen
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Manager of Museum Services
Maiju Nyqvist-Alho
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Manager of Museum Services
Jenni Ojalainen
(on leave until August 31, 2015)
Manager of Museum Services
Solveig Pått
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Matti Raudaskoski
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Head of  Production
Anniina Pääkkönen
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Helena Jern

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Erkki Kormano
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Conservator, furniture
Sari Nordlund
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Museum and Exhibition Technician 
Juhani Pukkinen
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Art Conservator
Sari Tuomio
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Exhibition Technician
Björn Wargh
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Project Coordinator
Anni Tuominen
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Regional operations and official functions

Provincial Museum Researcher
Kaj Höglund
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Regional Art Museum Researcher
Jaakko Linkamo
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Building Researcher
Outi Orhanen
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Provincial Archaeologist
Pentti Risla
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Support services

Financial Secretary
Johanna Laitinen   
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Sofie Sundell
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Image bank for the press

Press release Art collection of Doctor “million” H.F. Antell / PDF

Welcome to the Tikanoja Art Museum

The museumThe Tikanoja Art Museum is the previous home of Mr. Frithjof Tikanoja (1877-1964), a well known businessman in Vaasa. Mr. Tikanoja had fallen in love with fine arts in the late 1910s and immediately started collecting paintings and drawings. The art museum was founded when Mr. Tikanoja donated his art collection to the city in 1951.

The Tikanoja collection is especially famous for its international section containing works e.g. by Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. The collection also includes Finnish art from the 19th and 20th centuries. Traditional masters, such as Albert Edelfelt, Axel Gallen-Kallela, Maria Wiik and Tyko Sallinen are included in the collection as well as younger artists.

Mr. Tikanoja also acted as a patron for the painter Eemu Myntti. His art in the 1920s was against the traditional and widely accepted Finnish art policy because he enjoyed working in the French expressionistic style.

The Tikanoja Art Museum arranges several exhibitions annually, based on both national and international themes of interest. During the special exhibitions the artworks from the Tikanoja collection are not on display. The Art Museum is also the location for chamber concerts.

The Tikanoja Art Museum brochure


Please note that during special exhibitions the artworks from the Tikanoja collection are not on display.

The World of Wonders – Ilon Wikland's Illustrations

10 March–21 May 2017

The World of Wonders – Ilon Wikland's Illustrations is an exhibition of illustrations for Astrid Lindgren's books by the well-known artist. The exhibition presents the beloved characters of Karlsson-on-the-Roof and the Lionheart Brothers, and highlights illustrations as an independent art form.

Born in Estonia in 1930, Ilon Wikland grew up in Haapsalu, a resort town by the sea. In the early 21st century, the artist donated a collection of nearly 800 original works to the city of Haapsalu. This collection, which also includes illustrations inspired by the houses in Haapsalu, is normally on display at the Ilon's Wonderland museum in Haapsalu. Now we have the pleasure of showing works from this collection in Vaasa, Finland.

In 1944, Wikland fled the Second World War to Sweden, where she started studying fine arts and later worked for various journals and a printing press. In 1953, Wikland met Astrid Lindgren, who had just finished her book Mio, My Son. This book began their long-standing cooperation. Wikland has also illustrated books by a number of other authors as well as her own written works.

The exhibition features illustrative art which describes everyday life and celebrations, play and adventure, but also bleaker experiences.

Whether a child or a grown-up, in the World of Wonders you will get to embark on adventures. You can listen to fairy tales in the Story Time sessions, and you can also hear Wikland's recorded voice. Reading or listening to the books, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the World of Wonders. Sammeli the dog, who appears in books written and illustrated by Wikland herself, is also hiding somewhere in the exhibition rooms–come and see if you can find him!

Photo: Ilon with her dog


Paris 1894: Finnish Artists in the Circle of Gauguin and Strindberg

2 June - 1 October 2017

The exhibition Paris 1894: Finnish Artists in the Circle of Gauguin and Strindberg will explore the journey of the Gauguin’s Noa Noa woodcuts to Frithjof Tikanoja’s art collection through the story of the Finnish artist Ester Kumlin and her studies in Paris.

The exhibition will focus on the generation of Nordic artists present around 1894 in Paris in the circle of Paul Gauguin and August Strindberg. The impulse they received from these meetings will be recalled with paintings and decorative art preserved in museums and private collections. Through the journey of the Gauguin’s Noa Noa woodcuts to Finland and Sweden, where they eventually became part of Frithjof Tikanoja's and Nationalmuseum's collection, the exhibition will connect dots between artists such as Pekka Halonen, Väinö Blomstedt, Werner von Hausen, Olof Sager-Nelson, Magnus Enckell, Wilho Sjöström, Bruno Aspelin, Ester Kumlin and Fanny Låstbom. Their study trip to Paris had turned into a life-time experience in the height of Symbolism.

The exhibition “Paris 1894: Finnish Artists in the Circle of Gauguin and Strindberg” will display art works and archive material from this time period from mainly Nordic artists in addition Gauguin’s woodcuts.

The exhibition produced by The Tikanoja Art Museum and the curator of the exhibition is Art Historian Laura Gutman.

Paul Gauguin, Noa-Noa-series, 1893, wood cut. Picture: Tikanoja Art Museum.